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california Good Standing Certificate

California Certificate of Good Standing

The California Certificate of Good Standing is an official certificate of status issued by the California Secretary of State that confirms authorization of corporations, LLC or LLP to undertake business within the state and further confirm that the corporation has fulfilled all annual reporting and tax payment duties the state has imposed. In the course of business you may be asked by another entity such as a bank, lending institution or business partner to provide them with a certificate good standing to show that your business is duly registered within the State and has complied with all required reporting and law.

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We dispatch a courier to the Secretary of State's Sacramento walk-in today to retrieve your California Status Certificate and provide you with a .pdf next day - See secured order form below

How can I get a California Certificate of Status?...

You can request a Status Certificate from the California Secretary of State if you are incorporated within the State or registered as a foreign (Out of State) corporation - additionally you must be current with you annual reporting and franchise tax payments with the State.

Where can I get a California Certificate of Status?...

You can make a written mail in request with the California Secretary of State's office in Sacramento using their business records order form - Presently orders received by the Secretary of State take 7-10 to process before mailing out. Also you can order in person at their offices walk-in desk. Our Couriers will go to the walk-in desk and place the order on your behalf and deliver a .pdf of the certificate to you via email next day - See order form below.

How can I confirm my status with the California Secretary of State?...

You can go the Secretary of States website and view your status HERE - A status of "ACTIVE" usually means you are in good standing - For written confirmation of your standing you will need to order a Certificate of Good Standing.

Question not answered here?... View our California Certificate of Status FAQ/WIKI

Daily our couriers hand deliver California Certificate of Status requests to the California Secretary of States walk in desk in Sacramento. (We need to receive your order by 11:00AM for our courier delivery to the SOS Walkin Desk - Certificate requests made at our 11:00am run are usually released by the Secretary of State the following day)* The Secretary of States .pdf certificate will be emailed to you (Orders on a weekend or State holidays when the California Secretary of State offices are closed will be considered received the following business day)
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